iTabla Pandit Professional

A Digital Tabla and Tanpura Maestro in your pocket

iTabla brings tabla and tanpura box on iPhone & iPod Touch

The smallest taalamala (tabla box) and tanpura box is available on iTunes AppStore. The smallest of the world, and the best.  Reaching an audio quality never reached before by any device used to replace real tabla, tanpura and shruti.

You just need to launch the app and switch on the instrument, then let’s play music!

Available right now, providing you one incredible software for your iPhone or iPod Touch:

  1. BulletIncredible tanpura sound, with different colors and different tunings

  2. BulletIncredible tabla machine, with a lot of predefined taals, full control on pitch and tempo

  3. BulletA professional metronome, with different sounds

  4. BulletA tone generator, for tuning your instruments

  5. BulletBackground mode, so it can play while using another app on your iPhone/iPad

No configuration needed, just start it and play !



Plays an high quality tanpura sound

Control pitch, tempo of all the tanpura strings

Default main tunings provided

Several sound flavours available


Plays an high quality tabla sound

You control pitch of bayan & dayan

Many taals provided, with variations

Tap tempo


5 sounds, with adjustable pitch

Pulse any beat 2/4, 3/4, ...

Shows beat number

Tone player

Select any note, any cent

Plays pure frequency for tuning

Two notes a time if needed

Global tuning

Change the key of tabla, tanpura, tone player alltogether in a finger touch

iTabla Pandit with full iPad screen on AppStore, available for all musicians. A demo is also available.