iTabla Pandit Professional

Also an advanced metronome

iTabla brings tabla and tanpura box
on iPhone & iPod Touch
This is an advanced metronome, which will become an essential companion in your daily musical practice. It will play the selected beat (from 10 up to 300 bpm) very accurately, just by sliding one finger on it.

You can change the pitch of the pulse to select the one you prefer.

You can select the bar length in beats. Then, it will play a different pulse on the first pulse to emphasis it. You can also ask it to count the bars. It will show you the counter.

Do you want to train yourself for playing sets of 6 bars of 4 beats? No problem, it will pulse and count it for you. Just have an eye on it sometimes to check that you're right.

The current bar and beat number is displayed very clearly with big digits.

  1. BulletEasy and simple to use. Full control at the tip of one finger!

  2. BulletChanging tempo with Tempo slider

  3. BulletPlaying a rythmic pattern by selecting the bar length and number of bars

  4. BulletQuick view of current bar and beat

  5. BulletChange Pitch of pulse

  6. BulletEmphasis first beat/last beats of each bar

  7. BulletVolume slider

  8. BulletAbsolute accuracy of pulse

  9. BulletRemember your settings automatically for your next musical session

  10. BulletSelect one of the five instruments

  11. BulletTapTap on the screen to select a tempo (tap tempo)