iTabla Pandit Professional

A real tanpura in your palm. Tune it by a finger touch.

iTabla brings tabla and tanpura box
on iPhone & iPod Touch
A warm tanpura sound, high quality, for creating a peaceful atmosphere. No hassle for carrying and tuning. Forget every other device supposed to play tanpura... See the Tanpura user guide.

Your music will enjoy this new software. The same tanpura quality as Tampura Generator on computer, but so convenient.


Sound sample list

Several tanpura flavours available. Now, you also have choice between normal or smooth string attack.

Download your own sound samples

Quick tanpura tuning

The major tunings are predefined. Just tap a finger on the tuning you need, it will play.

Fine tanpura tuning with pegs

The perfect tuning, tempo, ... for every string is at the tip of your finger.  If you don’t know how to do, Just use our predefined quick tunings.

Change tanpura pitch

Very easy to change the tanpura pitch... All the strings will follow your choice at a time.

  1. BulletUp to five strings

  2. BulletVery easy fine tuning

  3. BulletSlide your finger to change pitch from A to G#

  4. BulletSeveral high quality tanpura  sound  samples

  5. BulletAdd your own sound samples

  6. BulletComplete fine tuning as for a real tanpura