iTabla Pandit Professional

Playing taals with real tabla sound samples

iTabla brings tabla and tanpura box
on iPhone & iPod Touch
The talamala (automatic tabla machine) contains a set of Hindustani Taals, in different Laya (speed). See the Tabla user guide.

Among them, you’ll find all the major taals, such as Teen taal (16 beats), Rupak taal (7 beats), Ek taal (12 beats), Dadra taal (6 beats), Jhap taal (10 beats), ... in drut laya, madhya laya and vilembit.

You’ll also find many other interesting taals (Tilwara taal, Punjabi taal, Chhakka taal,...

Selecting a taal is very easy, just open the list by a finger tap, then tap on the taal in the list.


Once you selected a taal, just switch on tabla and it will play with high quality sound - thanks to our real tabla sound sample library.

Then you can change the tempo. If “Laya follow tempo” is ON, then the laya will change with the tempo. This option is usefull because a taal cannot be played at any speed, or it will render badly.

For more details about the features, visit the detail feature page.

This video shows how to play the tabla. Follow the subtitles for better understanding.

A tap tempo feature is also available. Just do Tap Tap Tap on the taal beat number box.

We are increasing the taal collection regularly, and you’ll get much more taals in the next versions (updates will be free for registered users).

Don’t forget to practice with your real tabla musician for the next concert!