Tabla instrument (*)


(*) NOT included in base version of Hindustan Music Studio.

It will be provided either as paying update or In App purchase.

Automatically adapt Laya with TempoAutomatic_adaptation_of_Laya_with_Tempo.html
Change the TaalChoose_your_taal.html
Change the LayaTaal_Layas_and_variations.html
Change loudness of drumsTabla_drums_sound_volume.html
Taal variationsTaal_Layas_and_variations.html
Change the KeyInstrument_key.html
Manual tuning for expertsManual_tuning.html
Select precise tuningPrecise_cents_tuning.html

Our talamala (automatic tabla machine) contains a set of Taals, in different Layas (speeds). It is very simple to configure: just select the taal, switch it On and that’s all. Also, if you’re an advanced musician, you may control all the parameters of the tabla manually to get exactly the sound you need...

Displays information about the taalTabla_drums_sound_volume.html
Tap TempoTap_tempo.html

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