iTabla Pandit Professional

Playing taals with real tabla sound samples

iTabla brings tabla and tanpura box
on iPhone & iPod Touch
The main features of the our tabla machine are:
  1. Bullet Availability of many taals. This list is increasing and improving at every new version of the software.

  2. Bullet Different Laya: Drut, Madhya, Vilembit for many taals

  3. BulletDifferent variations for a laya for the main taals

  4. BulletTaal information page showing the bols and the structure of the taal

  5. BulletComing soon: A Taal compositor, which will enable you to compose your own taals or variations


Taal list

Overview of  the taal bols

Indexed list for quick access

Just slide it with one finger

Ordered by names or by beats

Fine tabla tuning with hammer

You can separately tune Dayan and Bayan very precisely, and change their volume

Taal information

Learn the structure of the taal and   the bols

Change tabla pitch

You can also change the pitch... this is very easy, just slide a finger on the pitch key bar. Use fine tuning with cents if you need.

Laya and Variations for Taals

All the main taals have several laya and variations

Just open the list and select the one you prefer

  1. BulletComplete control over the dayan and bayan tuning and volume

  2. BulletControl over the tabla fine tuning (cents) and pitch

  3. BulletWell visible beat number and bol name while playing tabla

  4. BulletTapTempo by taping trice on the tabla picture

Shows current beat and bol

To help you in your musical practice, the current beat and bol are shown.

(Disabled at high tempo)