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iTabla on your iPhone,
 iPod Touch, iPad and computer

January 2020: Click here to get the new iTabla Desktop compatible MAC OSX 10.15

Since 2007, Vidya Multimedia is providing iTabla, a true sound tabla, tanpura and shruti accompaniement software to the professional musicians and students all over the world.

iTabla has been build on the foundations of Tampura Generator, our acclaimed Tanpura and Shruti digital maestro, released for the first time in 2005 !

Since that time, hundreds of professional musicians give us their confidence and trust the quality of our products during their live performances and recordings.

Thanks to all for their support, and we promise to continue to improve and bring new innovations to our software for the best of the music.

iTabla comes for computer : iTabla Desktop

iTabla comes for iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad : iTabla Pandit

You may also download a demo version from AppStore, in which the sound will stop after every minute :

Our current line of software includes :


iTabla Pandit Professional on iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad

iTabla Desktop on computer Windows and Mac OSX

Tanpura Generator

Tanpura Generator Desktop, on computer Windows and Mac OSX